Helping Students Thrive–Anywhere

Whether you are looking to supplement your home school, virtual learning, or independent study curricula,  CLARA Classroom can deliver arts learning when and where you need it.


As we prepare our students for an increasingly complex future, we all want to know how to provide engaging education from a distance when needed. Despite the barriers we all know exist, the real problem is that many virtual programs don’t offer opportunities for children to connect with their peers and teachers in a meaningful way. Yet many students relish the connectivity and relationships that being in school brings—and we believe it’s essential for remote learning to account for that. 


CLARA Classroom is an interactive learning platform that brings a virtual teaching artist into any learning environment to provide music, dance, and theatre education to students in grades TK-12.


As the mental health impacts of the pandemic were becoming clear, we created CLARA Classroom, initially, as a direct response to address those needs. While students can complete courses independently (asynchronously), we provide all tools and resources for students to build a sense of community, belonging, and togetherness. 

“Many students are not returning to the virtual classroom after lunch and I am looking for more ways to keep them engaged. Now that I am adding the CLARA Classroom arts classes in their afternoon learning, many of the students are now returning after lunch!”

- Angelia Jones, 5th Grade Teacher at Parkway Elementary


  • Each course includes opportunities for students to interact with each other, their teachers, and CLARA artists in safe and secure forums where they can ask questions, demonstrate new skills, challenge their imaginations, and discover the benefits of the arts as they uncover their artistic passions, talents, and creative potential.

  • After completing each course module, schools have the opportunity to receive a live, virtual class with the teaching artist where students can meet the instructor, learn additional content, and engage in a live Q&A.

  • Many course materials can be practiced at home with family.


Research shows that participation in the arts can provide opportunities for students to

  • Develop social-emotional skills
  • Reflect on how they are feeling 
  • Effectively express themselves 
  • Find new ways to connect with others

Not only will arts learning keep students engaged in their academic pursuits, but CLARA Classroom will also provide them with tools to help them thrive.

Contact us to learn how to revolutionize the way teachers and students participate in arts-based learning at your school with CLARA Classroom.